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This web site has no relationship with real MNG Airlines, but powered by real MNG Airlines.


MNG Airlines and Cargo Co. Inc.

MNG Airlines and Cargo Co. Inc. was established in 1997. At present, MNG Airlines & Cargo Co. Inc. have four 45 - tons A300
Cargo type air carriers flying on chartered basis to London and Frankfurt everyday and to Paris three days a week and to Luxembourg, Koln, Charlotte (North Caroline, USA) and New York once a week. Additionally through long-term charter agreements, MNG Airlines Co. Inc. is providing partial or complete transport service to international carriers such as Air France, Lufthansa, Cargolux, Danzas and THY. Aiming at transporting Turkish export products to all over the world, MNG Airlines Co. Inc. is reaching out to many centres all around the world, namely Singapore, Tai-Pei, Bangkok, Tel-Aviv, Dubai, Brazzaville, Montreal and Darwin through interline agreements with other cargo carriers.

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MNG Virtual Airlines is a simulation of real MNG Airlines operating on the VATSIM enviroment, founded by Flightsim enthusiasts which is supported by MNG Airlines and Cargo Co. Inc. Different than the real one, Virtual MNG have unlimited number of aircrafts and much more types. We advise you to visit Hangar section to select and download the aircraft you want to fly with. The vision and mission of MNG Virtual Airlines is:
1- To simulate real MNG Airlines in the virtual world
2- To create an Proffesional team of pilots that will help to develope the virtual aviation
3- To keep the members informed with the latest developments on hardware and software related to FS world.
4- To organise international and national group flights throughout the region for developing the friendship and coorperation.
5- To develope coorperation and code share flights with other VAs throughout the Region.
6- To implement total quality concept within the company


1- Starting from the administration to Operations, we will achieve our quality targets in all of our activity fields.
2- We acknowledge that happiness of our Pilots and Passengers will improve the quality of operations. Therefore we will keep the quality concept on highest level.
3- We will follow up the latest developments in the virtual and real world and will build up a dynamic structure to implement the newest hardware and software to our members.


Sedat zkazan: Acting General Manager of Real MNG Airlines

Serdar Sualp: Born 17 Jan. 1955 - Istanbul - Turkey. Happily married since 1982, have one daughter. Retired General manager for Koc Holding. Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor with Aerobatics rating. Started flying in 1984. Serving as Flight Instructor since 1992. President of Istanbul Aviation Club. Member of Hong Kong Flying Club. Attended to the First World Air Games as a competitor in 1997. Acquainted with Flight simulation since early 80s. Started with SATCO and founded Turkish Virtual Area Control Centre. Been on the VATEUD staff roster since the beginning of 2002. Presently running a company in export import business.

Blent Akbay: Born 1973 Istanbul Turkey . Married since 1999. Musician In real life. Dealing with FS issues since 1998. Founded FLYTHY (Virtual Turkish Airlines ) in year 2000.


1- Advise the Board of Founders and General Manager, on general aspects of virtual aviation and air safety.
2- Advise Board of Founders and General Manager on adoptation of real operations to virtual world.


Sabih Gltekin


1- To develope short and long term plans for the development of the company.
2- Impement the plans approved by the Board of Founders.
3- Follow up the application of plans and perform corrective actions for deviations.
3- Control the activities of Directors, evaluate their performances, do necessary actions to increase their performances.
5- Organise periodical meetings with BoF to disscuss the activities and claims.
6- Contact with BoH for their advises on subjects related to aviation and general issues related to.
7- Represent the MNG Virtual Airlines on International forums, meetings.
8- Follow up the developments on hardware and software related to virtual aviation Advise to BoF for new investments
9- Reshape the plans and operations according to the advises of BoF and BoH.


Kemal Baki


1- Coordinate Events like Fly Ins and group flights on National and International basis
2- Maintain an Events Calendar for the MNG Virtual Airlines in the website.
3- Liaise with Virtual Airlines from and outside the country for events and any other information required
4- Represent Company on International issues related to events.
5- Do the tasks assigned by the General Director.




1- Design & organise database for the Operations of the Company
2- Be in contact with the Pilots for their requests and questions.
3- Coordinate agreements of procedures between other Virtual Airlines for the codeshare flights.
4- Develope new routes and destinations for the operations.
6- Organise the checkrides for upgrades.
7- Do the tasks assigned by the General Director.


Murat Ulus


1- Design, improve and administer the membership applications and database.
2- Liaise with Division Directors to cater for their needs in membership issues.
3- Communicate with Operations Director for ID upgrade procedures.
4- Perform the maintenance of database related to membership.
5- Do the tasks assigned by the General Director.


Hakan Polat


1- Prepare the fleet for the Company and load it to the site for common use.
2- Follow up the latest hardware and software for the use of members and announce it to the public.
3- Follow up the latest addons and announce it to the public.
4- Implement on standardization of the fleet and other utilities used by the Company members.
5- Apply the maintenance plans on the fleet.
6- Do the tasks assigned by the General Director.


Ali Yllmaz
Muzaffer Tural